Getting Started with Billing Management

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For administrators who have set up their organization and purchased a product plan, they will have the ability through a billing management portal, accessible from the Principles Tools, to manage their product plan and associated billing information. 

This article covers: 

  • Accessing the billing management portal 
  • Adding additional users to your product plan
  • Cancelling your product plan
  • Updating your billing / credit card information 
  • Downloading a receipt / invoice

Accessing Billing Management Portal 

Navigate to the Administration tab from the Principles Tools Home Page. Here you will find your organization settings and high level information about the product plan you purchased. Select ‘Edit’ to access a portal, where you can manage your billing information and add additional users to your current plan. Keep in mind that what you see in the Administration tab will be based on how you set up your organization (SSO or email / password), as shown below. 

SSO View


Email / Password View


Add Users to Your Product Plan

If you have purchased the annual subscription, you can add additional users at any time by selecting ‘Update Quantity’ from the billing management portal and entering the total number of users you’d like to have on your plan. This is the number of users you will be billed for per month going forward. If you purchased the 30-day experience and would like to add additional users, please contact us at




Cancelling Your Product Plan

If you have purchased the 30-day experience, you will not be able to cancel during the 30-day period. However, the plan will not automatically renew. If you have purchased the annual subscription, you can cancel your subscription 30 days prior to the end of the subscription period and the plan will not automatically renew. This can be done by selecting ‘Cancel Plan’ from the billing management portal. 




Updating Your Billing / Credit Card Information 

If you’d like to update your credit card information, simply select ‘Add payment method’ from your billing management portal. You can also delete any old payment methods and/or set a default payment method by selecting the “...” Actions button next to each payment method. 


Downloading a Receipt / Invoice 

If you’d like to access and/or download a previous receipt or invoice, scroll down to the Billing History section of your billing management portal. Select the ‘open’ icon next to the month you’re looking to access and/or download a previous receipt or invoice for.




You will be directed to an overview of your payment for that month where you can select ‘Download Invoice’ or ‘Download Receipt.’ 





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