Welcome Email template for PrinciplesUs Kick-Off

While the users will get an automated email from the platform once an Admin initiates their invite, we recommend that Admins/Champions send out a note to their group to give them context behind PrinciplesUs, what to expect when/after completing the Principles Assessment, and helpful resources to learn more. Below is a template for this "Welcome Email" and we recommend that you make any edits to the content to best align the tone to your culture and goals for using PrinciplesUs.

Please note, the instructions within the 'Ready to begin your journey' part of the below email is for those accounts set up with email/password log in, and not for those with SSO. 


Welcome Email


We're excited to introduce PrinciplesUs to the team.

PrinciplesUs is the teams platform designed to make teams more effective by using insights and building dynamic team visualizations and reflect on the composition of your group to maximize team potential. from the Principles Assessment. You will begin your journey towards greater self and team awareness, deliberate development, and organizational effectiveness with this proprietary personality Assessment built with three experts in personality Adam Grant, Brian Little, and John Golden.  In under 40 mins, you’ll get insight into how you prefer to think, engage, and apply yourself across the 17 core dimensions of your personality. 

With this email, you’ll learn how to get started with your Assessment and find additional resources about PrinciplesUs.


Ready to Get Started with PrinciplesUs?

Instructions to Take or Import your Assessment to PrinciplesUs (time required <5 minutes)

1  Check Your Email:
You will be or have already received an email from “support@principles.com,” inviting you to join the PrinciplesUs platform. Click on the link provided and login with the email address and temporary password included in the email. As part of this step, you will be prompted to change your password. Please note this temporary password expires in 24 hours.
2  Take Assessment or Import Results:
After changing your password, you will be taken to a landing page with the option to import your assessment results or to take the assessment for the first time. Click on the option that applies to you. For detailed instructions on both, refer to this user guide

  • Share Your Assessment Results: If importing assessment results, be sure to click on the blue “Share My Assessment Results” button to authorize the import of the assessment you’ve previously taken into the team platform, PrinciplesUs.

3  You’re All Set! Take a moment to review your results, which you can access your results at any time using this same url. [Optionally include: Come prepared to learn more in our upcoming workshop]

Deadline: Please be sure to complete the assessment by <INSERT YOUR DESIRED DEADLINE>.


PrinciplesUs Resources

In this quick 5-min video, Adam Grant talks about getting into a helpful mindset for approaching personality assessments and how they can be powerful tools for your personal reflection and reflection with others. 


Learn more about the value of understanding yourself and others in this video, recorded live as part of the 2021 Collision Conference, where Ray, Arianna Huffington (founder and CEO of Thrive Global), and Adam Grant (organizational psychologist and co-creator of PrinciplesYou) discuss their own results, how they relate to one another, and how learning what they’re really like allowed them to deal with their strengths and weaknesses.




Additional Resources:


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